Data Security


We encrypt all your data as it moves between your servers and the users web browser. Our API is fully encrypted so every request to view or update your records automatically encrypts that data behind the scenes.


The EU GDPR requires organisations to implement appropriate measures to protect the personal data they process. We create a range of modular, Cloud-based software tools to help make your GDPR compliance journey easier.


We use Amazon Web Services so that you can inherit all the best practices of AWS policies, architecture, and operational processes. Enabling redundancy and scaling that equates to a secure and reliable service for your databases.


We add the same level of security and attention to the features of your applications, so you can have confidence that the apps we build have security features like user logins, IP blocking, password and login restrictions and more.


Backups and Redundancy create a permanent safety net for your data, which means that there's no single point of failure. If you accidentally delete a single record, or the entire database, we'll be able to restore it.


We maintain a privacy policy here that outlines our commitment to respecting your privacy and the privacy of the information in your account. The data in your account is not accessible to anyone, unless you make it accessible.

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